Making It Rain: What Law School Fails at Teaching Students

Making It Rain: What Law School Fails at Teaching Students

As a law student, this article could not be more on point.  After a successful year and a half of going through the motions of law school, I have realized one thing:  You can learn all you want, but if you cannot market and do not understand client relations, you will be hung out to dry.  Law firms fail to recognize this in acquiring talent and merely make this an afterthought with the annual performance review, which makes little sense since they have made a major investment in bringing a new attorney on staff.  As a law firm, I would really put an emphasis on this rather than the traditional GPA and class rank, because the ability to understand and implement Internet marketing and marketing to attract clients and a “following” will surely set apart associates fighting for a piece of the pie.


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I am a law student at Nova Southeastern University aspiring to practice in corporate/business law upon graduation in 2013. Interests: Law, Corporate/Business Law, Social Media Law, Privacy Law, Automotive Law, Franchise Law, Working Out, Family and Friends, Sports, Being Outdoors, Reading Business and Self-Improvement Books, Social Media and Internet Marketing, Learning New Things, Modern Design

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